Zbynek Veselovsky

Eriksfiord AS, Stavanger, Norway, managing director and lead sedimentologist.
Eriksfiord, sedimentologist, image interpretation, core description and field studies.
PhD thesis "Integrated numerical modelling of a polyhistory basin, Southern Cantabrian Basin (Palaeozoic, NW-Spain)" Univ.Heidelberg.

From the main office in Stavanger, Norway, Zbynek coordinates sales and marketing for the Eriksfiord group. He is also heading our stratigraphic and sedimentological services, based on image logs and cores.
Folkestad A, Veselovsky Z, Roberts P (2012): Utilising borehole image logs to interpret delta to estuarine system: A case study of the subsurface Lower Jurassic Cook Formation in the Norwegian northern North Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 29 (2012), p. 255-275.