September 17th, 2018
Eriksfiord together with Orlen presenting " Structural analysis of high-resolution borehole images in complex geological settings: A case study from the Polish Outer Carpathians fold-and-thrust belt" at the Geopetrol 2018 . In addition a poster presentation Wed 19th with the title " Utilising borehole image logs to interpret depositional systems - A case study from a delta to estuarine reservoir, Lower Jurassic, North Sea".

July, 2018
Eriksfiord is co-author of just accepted for publication paper Erosion and ponding of Thunder Horse deepwater turbidites by mass transport complexes in Mississippi Canyon based on image log sedimentology in Marine and Petroleum Geology. (Ms. Ref. No.: JMPG-D-17-00959R2)

June 4th-6th, 2018
Great action at Eriksfiord booth G.49 at the SPWLA 2018 - London, UK, showing use cases of our VINLAND software. Thank you all for visiting us !

Mar 6th, 2018
Eriksfiord applies mathematics to save an image log else thought lost.

Dec 11th, 2017
Visit Eriksfiord at the SPWLA Houston Technology Show Monday, December 11th, and learn more about VINLAND software.

November 29th, 2017
Eriksfiord is co-author for presentation at the Permian Basin Frac Design Conference, Houston with examples using our Vinland Software Suite.

Oct, 2017
Where was Eriksfiord team on 27. OCT 2017 ? Hint: Desert, Mars simulation, excellent coffee, Low-grade metamorphic Permo-Mesozoic (Hawasina nappe) below fluvial conglomerates of fairly young age.

October 9-11th, 2017
Eriksfiord is presenting twice at the EAGE on Malta. Second talk Wed at 10am as presenter for Total. See for Technical program PDF file.

June 9th, 2017
Based on a discussion on LinkedIn we like to share our FEM research on petal fractures on BHI.

April 15th, 2017
Vinland Software Suite, version 1.8 was released today. It includes major technical upgrades of underlying technology (Platform, Database, Graphics) as well as fully supporting Java 8. The Cobra module now persists and reads back user table settings and (finally) the overall application font size is customizable by the user. For more details ask us for a copy of the release notes.

April 4th, 2017, AAPG
Visualizing a Sub-Salt Field with Image Logs: Image Facies, Mass Transport Complexes, and Reservoir Implications From Thunder Horse, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, by L.C. Henry (BP), J.A. Wadsworth (BP) and B. Hansen (Eriksfiord), presents a depositional model partly based on borehole image analysis by Eriksfiord. In addition to the third author, geozoans Bernd Ruehlicke, Zbynek Veselovsky and Carsten Vahle contributed.


Since commercial launch, our VINLAND software has already seen important additional functionality, most notably
  • Image orientation can be North, High-Side or Arbitrary

  • Vuggy porosity calculator

  • Mogi-Coulomb and Stassi D Alia criterion for shear failure

  • Stress influence on fractured rock permeability

For stress influence on compressing or dilating a dominant fracture set, we use a reversible model taking into account shear and effective normal stress. When a fracture is picked on the image, its stress state is instantly displayed.

For a given stress-tensor, spacing and aperture, contours in the stereogram above shows the fractured rock permeability relative to the unstressed state.

Brochure available here