To provide both fast and accurate interpretation of geomechanical observations in borehole images, we have designed a highly interactive software tool, Vinland Software Suite®. Vinland, which is platform independent, is under continuous development, to fit the needs of our geoscientists and the requirements of each new project.

Several oil company clients were beta testing Version 0 for a 12 month period. Comments were generally positive, such as "Vinland replaces several other software products", "Vinland provides a solution extremely quickly", "Vinland cannot crash". We also received valuable suggestions for improvement, most of which have been implemented in Version 1.

Vinland is available on licence to clients. Please contact us for a demo followed by a 1 month free trial and user training.

Vinland Shale Anisotropy
Laboratoy test (SPE47285, Oekland&Cook, 1998)