Consulting Services

Our staff represent a multitude of technical disciplines and can be useful in many ways, ranging from the proposition of a depositional model for sedimentation to the evaluation of the validity of a prospectus. Here are mentioned a couple of typical situations.

Instruments used for borehole image and sonic logging are usually very complex to set up and run, so in the event of critical data acquisition, we can supervise acquisition and verify authoritatively the validity of results on the spot.

It often happens that a project team gets stuck on a particular question, and that we as outsiders and independents may provide a solution, based on previous experience in other areas. This also applies when partners in a concession disagree on models and methods to apply.

Many project teams are multidisciplinary whereas the software tools are not. We may then provide ad-hoc interfaces between databases, or produce intermediate data formats for "coupling" different aspects of a reservoir model (structural, fracture, facies, stress...).

As there is no lower limit to the size of an oil company or other subsurface operator, expertise on evaluation of the validity of a geological prospect considered for acquisition may be required from the outside. Financial institutions may also be interested in this kind of advice.