Christian Ottesen

M.Sc geology Copenhagen University.
Z&S Geologi, Stavanger.
Posted to Z&S Consultants Ltd, London.
Z&S Geologi DK, Copenhagen.
Z&S (Asia) Ltd, Perth.
Baker Atlas, Perth and Copenhagen.
Eriksfiord ApS, Copenhagen, managing director.

Christian Ottesen has functioned as manager for borehole image interpretation teams since 1989.

"Despite the astonishing detail of a borehole image, it is only scratching the surface, and there is an awful lot of rock behind it which we will never see except in the eyes of our imagination. I enjoy receiving the most horribly complicated structural data from oil companies, in order to, gradually over a period of days or months, puzzle everything together to a logically coherent history of basin evolution and deformation. The model may not represent the total truth, but at least honors the observations and reflects real geological processes". -Christian Ottesen